Marie C. of My Life in Sourdough

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On this episode director, photographer, Marie C. tells us how her relationship with her sourdough starter became the inspiration for her award winning web-series My Life in Sourdough. We talk about the evolution of bread culture in the US and her native France. And she shares her secrets for traveling internationally with your sourdough starter and resuscitating starters from near death experiences.

I had no idea what I was doing and what my voice was…but I really let that come out in my films, and slowly I had a lot of bread kneading scenes in my film, and a lot of eating lunch, and making food, I started photographing food a lot more, and it suddenly all made sense. When I came out of NYU, I was like OK... my goal is going to make a living shooting food, photographing food, directing food, cause I feel that is what I’m drawn too, I followed that intuition.
— Marie C.
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