Sarah Owens, Author of Sourdough

On this season one finale episode of The Sourdough Podcast, baker, educator, and author, Sarah Owens joins me for my first in-home interview.

Sarah shares how her own unique sourdough journey emerged from the confluence of her Tennessee upbringing, careers as both a ceramic artist and horticulturalist, and battles with her personal health.

We discuss her third, soon to be released, cookbook, Heirloom, as well as her James Beard award winning book Sourdough.

And you won’t want to miss the big news Sarah shares for the first time with The Sourdough Podcast audience about her upcoming move out West as she embarks on a new, exciting chapter in her life and career.

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Photo credits: (Books) Ngoc Minh Ngo courtesy of Roost Books. (Top) Image of Sarah with Bread by Hetty McKinnon.

“...that just kind of sent me down this rabbit hole… it’s an addictive practice. And like every other craft - and I’ve pursued a lot of different crafts in my life - it’s a skill, and you have to learn the skill before you can become better, and before you can become creative… I love those challenges.
— Sarah (on discovering sourdough)