Bryan Ford @artisanbryan


On this episode Bryan Ford, aka, Artisan Bryan tells us about his journey from accountant to baker. He shares how realizing his dream of becoming baker has lead him to rediscover his Honduran heritage. He talks about his successes and failures and the inspiration he draws from his family and community as he strives to help people make delicious bread while staying in touch with his roots.

Don't forget where you come from but never lose sight of where you're going.

Check out Mike’s rendition of Bryan’s Pan de Coco recipe. Believe me, you’re going to want to try it out for yourself!

“I knew I loved it, and I wanted to be a baker but I didn’t know what that meant, I didn’t know I wanted to pursue it the way I’m doing it now… I was like, oh well, you know, I got my college degree. Time to go to sit in a cubicle, you know, start my 401K…”
— Bryan Ford