Emma Zimmerman of Hayden Flour Mills

Emma Zimmerman of Hayden Flour Mills

“…and FLAVOR, ya, that’s kind of our mantra. It’s all about the flavor. Why do this? There’s plenty of cheap flour out there, why would you bother? Because we really think heritage and ancient grains have a lot of flavor and growing them differently, really taking care of the soil, you’re going to pull different micronutrients - you’re really creating a nutritionally dense product that really packs a lot of flavor.”

Maurizio Leo of The Perfect Loaf

Maurizio Leo of the Perfect Loaf

2018 Saveur Magazine Blog Award Winner, Maurizio Leo and I discuss his thoughts on the artisan sourdough movement. He explains how he got started baking sourdough, the evolution of his blog, and his relationship with the Instagram and online sourdough communities. He shares the secret to getting that perfect sourdough flavor and answers some of the most common sourdough questions he receives.