Jim Challenger of Challenger Breadware


Jim Challenger guests on the podcast and talks with me about his journey into sourdough and what prompted him to design The Challenger Bread Pan. We discuss his entrepreneurial background and how his interactions with the sourdough Instagram community inspired him to build a baking device made specifically for the home sourdough baker. Jim shares how his design and testing process were fundamentally shaped by input from baking friends from around the country and how the sourdough community has motivated him all along the way - from a beginning baker to sourdough entrepreneur.


Jim Challenger

Inventor of the The Challenger Bread Pan - A cast iron pan designed for baking boules, bâtards, and demi-baguettes in a regular oven.

If you think about it, without Instagram there would be no pan. I mean, even if I invented it, what would I have done with it? How would you reach bakers? Without the community that sustained me and that I’m giving back to, there really would be no pan. There would be no way. It’s really unbelievable to me.
— Jim Challenger