About The Host

Mike Hilburn is stay at home dad and a passionate sourdough home baker. After living 13 years in San Diego, he recently returned to his hometown, Patterson, in California’s Central Valley, with his wife and two young children. His obsession with sourdough started back in 2012 when he and his wife briefly lived in Santa Barbara, California. After discovering fresh made sourdough at a local cafe, he went home and began the process of creating his own starter from scratch. Self-taught from blogs, books, and YouTube - he's been on a constant quest to make his own perfect loaf. 

In 2017 he started documenting his sourdough journey on Instagram. He was surprised to find a vibrant and encouraging community of home bakers, professionals, authors, bloggers, growers, millers, artists, etc. - all with the same passion for sourdough. After connecting with so many from this community via Instagram, in 2018, he decided to start a podcast to tell the stories he wanted to hear (but couldn't find) from the community he found so inspiring. 


About The Music

All music on the Sourdough Podcast is composed, performed, and used with permission, by Weston Perry. 

For more original music please visit:

Born and raised in Chattanooga, Tennessee, Weston Perry learned at an early age to play old time country tunes, bluegrass, and blues from his grand-dad, "Papa" Wolfe. Now his passion is soul music. He occasionally spends time jamming with Seth Webster in the hills of Sparta, Tennessee, putting their own spin on their favorite folk tunes. Weston currently lives in Memphis, Tennessee with his lovely and talented wife Daley Hilburn Perry, and beautiful daughters Magnolia and Rooney, where you can catch him playing solo around town.